Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Assessment

eDelta’s assessment process identifies enterprise-wide strengths and weaknesses within our client’s current business continuity programs and evaluates potential risk factors that may affect their business, while benchmarking their plans against industry regulations and best practices.

Vendor Continuity Assessment

eDelta assesses the policies, management practices and operational resilience of current vendors and supply chain. We help create a vendor due diligence, selection and management process that meets business continuity requirements. We can be an organization’s audit arms and legs to ensure that supply chain disruptions do not leave it unprepared.

Policies and Procedures

eDelta assists in the design of enterprise-wide policies and procedures that adhere to regulatory requirements and industry leading practices. Documented policies and procedures ensure that business continuity practices are consistent throughout the organization and meet corporate governance and audit requirements.

Risk Assessment

eDelta identifies, assesses and ranks the potential risks that may impact an organization. We compare the control environment to best practices that we have both designed and observed, to ensure that we are providing a complete picture of potential areas for concern. Where exposures exist, we recommend controls that can be implemented to mitigate the impact of the threat/scenario.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

eDelta’s analysis assesses the quantitative and qualitative impacts, including the financial implications, performance impacts and brand/reputation impact of an unexpected business disruption on key processes, products and services. We identify business process-driven Recovery Time Objectives and documents critical resource requirements to meet those RTOs so our clients can easily identify and fulfill their recovery needs.

Business Continuity Plan Development

eDelta develops and documents Business Continuity Plans that detail all the pre-determined procedures that will be carried out in the event that a disaster occurs. Our plans serve as a blueprint for roles and responsibilities, activities and contact information for the successful recovery of operations and activities. We customize an electronic BCP toolkit to a format that conforms to technology and communications requirements across platforms and geographies.

Exercises and Validation

eDelta offers independent testing services that address senior management’s crisis management requirements and end-user systems needs. We provide tabletop testing and off-site systems recovery testing capabilities. Our toolkit includes a testing program with test scripts, post-test checklists and post-test exercises. It verifies your existing capabilities through realistic scenarios and provides for employee awareness and training and plan updates and maintenance.

Training and Awareness

eDelta provides tailored training programs on business continuity activities and compliance with industry regulations (“Trainer the Trainer” and employee awareness programs). Effective training is critical to ensure that employees and processes support the business continuity program.

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