Application Development

eDelta’s technology team is proficient in the following techniques and technologies:

  • Technical Architecture: technical architecture identifies the specific hardware and software required to support the business and technology needs of the project while ensuring complete compatibility with other systems and alignment with corporate strategic direction.
  • Application Architecture: application architecture identifies the specific programs and screens needed to support the business requirements of the application. A modularized design that facilitates easy maintenance, distribution, and reuse is a primary goal.
  • Detailed analysis and requirements gathering through interviews and facilitated sessions
    Designing the application paradigm: separating data, process, and presentation (e.g. Model / View / Control)
  • Designing the database: Erwin, Oracle Designer, Cool: Gen, Excelerator, Bachman, LBMS
  • Internet: Java, JSPs, Servlets, EJBs, HTML, JavaScript, C/C++, XML, etc.
  • Other languages: Visual Basic, PowerBuilder
  • Various databases: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DB2
  • Legacy: COBOL, TSO, JCL, CICS, C, Fortran
  • Other tools: WebLogic, MQ-Series, JBuilder, Visual J++, Cool:Gen product suite, Microsoft Office
  • Operating systems: UNIX (HPUX, AIX), Windows, Mainframe

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