Information Security

Information Security Services

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Corporations today face intense challenges in safeguarding proprietary data and customer information. In addition to the loss of revenue and reputational damage following a security failure, significant penalties are now common for companies that do not take appropriate action in hardening their defenses against intrusion, hacking and social engineering. Information Security Services covers all electronic and non-electronic sources of information within a company.

Cybersecurity refers to all electronic forms of information using the information technology infrastructure that a firm has in place. In order to assist clients, eDelta offers a complete range of Information Security Services, including Cybersecurity.

Information Security Services include:

• Network Architecture Review
• Social Engineering
• Attack and Penetration Testing
• Network and Network Device Vulnerability Assessment
• Wireless Security Assessment
• Application / Web Site Vulnerabilities, including Mobile Devices
• Voice System Assessment

Our strength is in our combination of highly qualified/certified security professionals, and a full set of commercial and proprietary tool-sets to help us determine the critical issues and vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to your environment.

To assist clients, eDelta Consulting offers a complete range of Information Security services:

IT Risk Assessment

eDelta follows a rigorous seven-step process when helping clients with an IT risk assessment. Through this proven process eDelta will: identify information assets; aggregate and prioritize assets; identify risks; prioritize risks; list and define risks; reference risks; and make recommendations for resolving risks.

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Networks are the key to business collaboration and they should be continually evaluated to ensure all known and potentially new vulnerabilities have been adequately addressed. eDelta uses a powerful, proprietary tool called Hawk-I to conduct network vulnerability assessments, which allows us to quickly determine the risk profile of a computer network and automatically build a prioritized remediation plan. This scan can be run internally, externally or both.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test or external audit is a detailed analysis of your network and associated systems from the perspective of a potential hacker. Penetration tests are conducted remotely and do not require physical access nor access to any confidential information. This type of testing must be undertaken with extreme care in order to avoid inadvertent “crashing” of a mission-critical system. In recognition, eDelta provides only highly-experienced consultants to our Information Security clients.

Security System Design and Implementation 

Clients building or expanding their core networks can leverage eDelta’s expertise to design and implement architectures with a rock-solid security foundation. We can assist with all phases of design, implementation, and testing. Our consultants have hands-on experience with the industry’s leading technology products and can support the full integration of security tools.

Policy Review and Development

The heart of any good security program lays in the organization’s approach to policies and procedures. eDelta can review management’s existing policies and formulate improved processes as well as develop completely new policies and procedures. Our customizable templates help jumpstart any project and ensure that clients’ reap the best the industry has to offer.

Incident Response

If you have suffered a security breach, eDelta can help respond to the incident by quickly closing the security gap and performing a damage assessment. By proactively profiling a client’s IT infrastructure, eDelta can establish an incident response team suitable to the needs of any organization