Many of eDelta Consulting’s clients run large, complex operations. Challenges arise all the time, making it difficult to prioritize and correctly resource important initiatives. Because of strong relationships with our clients, and the fact that we earn our trusted adviser status, we regularly assist in the strategic planning and analysis process. Common business challenges that sometimes require an outside perspective and specialist support:

  • Analyzing and testing the performance of a process, or system
  • Designing technology solutions (disaster recovery, business applications, statistical reporting, etc.)
  • Planning for growth: human capital, technology infrastructure, etc.
  • Building a coordinated, centralized system for managing compliance and regulatory issues

eDelta leverages its own pool of talent and expertise and a broad network of specialists to help clients see problems clearly and develop solid strategies to address them. Of course, it is not always about problems—many times it is about taking advantage of, or creating, opportunity!

Project Management

Once a problem or opportunity has been defined and recognized as an actionable project, getting it done requires commitment and focus. Project management is part science and part art form. eDelta understands the balance between managing people and managing tasks and how to maximize the capabilities of a team.

Data Analysis and Decision Support

eDelta’s experts can assist you in analysis at a strategic level, such as assessing and testing the state of your IT security posture, but we can also dive deep into statistical analysis to aid in the decision making process.

Decision support can mean many different things depending on who you talk to. At eDelta we see it from two main perspectives: the first is as a discreet professional service where clients leverage our expertise in a given area to help them make a decision for the business; the second centers on selecting, customizing and implementing Decision Support Systems or Statistical Analysis.

  • Analytic Customer Relationship Management
  • Financial/Business Performance Management
  • Operations/Production Management
  • Reporting and Decision Support Systems

Solution Design

Strategic planning and analysis is a wide discipline that potentially encompasses an area of your business. eDelta Consulting’s solution design capabilities fall into several key categories:

  • Audit and Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure and Software Applications
  • Information Security
  • Information Management
  • Litigation Support