Cloud Computing: Technology, Risks, and Controls


Cloud Computing: Technology, Risks, and Controls RIS-0006

Training Duration: 1-2 days

Training Delivery Method: On-site, instructor-led course; or online, instructor-led course

Prerequisites: Some experience/awareness of IT infrastructure and demand management is required

What Problem Does This Training Help Solve?

This training/seminar is good for all IT professionals or mid-senior level management who are concerned or are responsible for TCO (Total cost of ownership) reduction or are trying to reduced the complexities of IT infrastructure management.

Who Should Attend? Experienced IT infrastructure Managers as well as Mid to Senior level non-technical managers

Course Material: Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 200 foils

Course Syllabus:

Cloud Computing and Virtualization are a lot more than mere buzz words for most organizations. Even mid to large cap companies with robust revenue streams are focusing on cost efficiencies and Cloud computing is doing just that by allowing firms to migrate their applications and user interfaces to cloud-based solutions. Given the obvious benefits of using virtualized technology, most companies are now joining the early-adopters in hastening their migrations to Cloud Computing; to accelerate their growth without incurring the usual infrastructure investment. Though not a new concept, it is predicted that 2010-11 will propel this concept to an industry standard for affordable/optimized computing.

This course will help you acquire all the necessary knowledge about cloud computing including:

  • What is Cloud computing and its history and evolution?
  • Cloud Computing architecture and industry frameworks such as MapReduce
  • Cloud computing infrastructure requirements and limitations
  • Practical applications of cloud computing for various industries, including a case study
  • Identifying Audit and security risk with Cloud computing

Risk Mitigation methodology for Cloud computing

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