Training Duration: 2 days

CPE: 14 Credits

Training Delivery Method: Group-Live, instructor-led course; or Group-Internet Based, instructor-led course

 Location and Timing:                


Online: Webinar.

On-site: Chanin Building,

380 Lexington Avenue at 42nd Street, Suite 608, New York, NY 10017

Prerequisites: IIT control, audit, security, or risk management professionals.  There is no prerequisite to take the exam.  Your get certified when you pass the exam.  The exam can be taken from anywhere and is proctored by ISACA® through your computer’s webcam.

What Problem Does This Training Help Solve?

Provides training to help candidates prepare for ISACA®’s Cybersecurity Fundamentals exam.

Who Should Attend?

IT Professionals interested in earning ISACA®’s Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate

Course Material:

Content-rich manual/course handouts consisting of about 400 foils, 390 axioms, and other support material.

Course Syllabus:

This training course is for individuals preparing to take the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam.  In this course, professionals will learn the five (5) knowledge areas as determined by ISACA®:

  1. Cyber Security Concepts (10%)
  2. Cyber Security Architecture Principles (20%)
  3. Security of Networks, Systems, Applications and Data (40%)
  4. Incident Response (20%)
  5. Security of Evolving Technology (10%)


There is no prerequisite to take the exam. Exam is proctored and can be taken at anytime from anywhere.  Your have to have your webcam on for ISACA®’s remote proctor to monitor.

Exam Support: Jay will answer any written questions up to one month after the class.  Please note that although questions will be sent by individuals, answers will be emailed to all attendees registered for the seminar/webinar.  ID entity of the question sender will not be disclosed.  Jay will reserve the right to paraphrase the questions to enhance understanding.

Future Exam Dates: Anytime

NOTE: This is not an ISACA® sponsored class.





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