Website Accessibility Testing


The web has become increasingly more fundamental overtime and has grown into one of the most important resources in many aspects of life, including employment, healthcare, education, banking, etc.  Due to the streamlining of the web for many purposes, it has become necessary for all persons to have equal access and equal opportunity to the use of the web, including people with disabilities. The web is also a more efficient way to overcome the barriers to print, audio, and visual media using assistive technologies.

Web Testing

eDelta uses software programs, as well as physical testers, to test the accessibility of the company’s websites. Accessibility can be simple or complex depending on the many aspects of a website such as content, size, and complexity. Websites can require a lot of work, especially if they were not coded right in XHTML mark-up. The severity of the accessibility is thoroughly outlined by eDelta auditors after evaluating and testing the website. eDelta then offers some immediate changes, followed by ones that may take more time and/or require more work by developers.

Accessibility Training

eDelta offers on-site training on handling persons with disabilities, including, but not limited to, hard of hearing, deaf, blind, low-vision, and loss of motor skills. Our trainer is highly certified and knowledgeable on the subject, having low-vision himself. He has worked for a number of organizations that help provide information to companies on dealing with betterment of services for persons with disabilities.

To request a proposal for training please email eDelta at the address below.

More Information

The WAI Web site provides guidelines and resources to help make the Web accessible.

If you are interested in speaking with eDelta about what can be done for your company’s website, please email– Subject Website Accessibility Testing.

Testing the Accessibility of your website

eDelta partnered with the Bureau of Internet Accessibility to help ensure that your website is accessible. To test the accessibility of your website, fill out the form below!