Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Services combine our extensive experience and knowledge to address your business and technology recovery requirements.  We are flexible in our approach.  Our methodology combines our multi-industry, regulatory, technical experience, knowledge, and professional certifications.


Our services include, but are not limited to evaluating and providing remediation in the following areas:

Develop Crisis Management Plan

Detailing the actions taken by your organization in response to unexpected events or situations threatening continued operations

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Identify, which business units, operations and processes are essential to the survival of the business and the impact of a discontinuance of a unit, operation and/or process.
Development of an IT Technology Recovery plan, completing sections based on available information and IT support.

Incident Response Plan

A subsection within the Crisis Management Plan, detailing the actions (from both an Operational and Compliance perspective) taken by your organization to address and manage the aftermath of a security breach or attack or other type of incident.

Critical Business Continuity Plans

For Key Departments, Support Staff and Application Development.

Cybersecurity policies, procedures and summary of activities document for client inquiries. Through our meetings with you, we may identify gaps that may need to be remediated as part of your Cybersecurity process.


We will work with you to identify the appropriate members of the Crisis Management Team (CMT).  In the past we have found that the most successful CMT’s have been comprised of the following groups:

  • Senior Management
  • Communications/Public Relations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Risk Management
  • Facilities
  • Operations and Security

We will develop a Crisis Management Plan (CMP). The CMP will include roles and responsibilities, task checklists, notification and activation procedures. The CMP will include an incident management model. The incident management model represents a response mechanism that will allow management to efficiently deal with incidents.

This model identifies a set of procedures that provide for command and control during a disruption to normal operations. It allows for rapid recognition of severe problems and an ability to escalate them in a controlled and appropriate manner. This model uses the organizational structure with defined roles and responsibilities, creating a highly controlled event and structured environment.

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