Financial / Operational

Often our audit services do not fit squarely into a neat, predefined category. eDelta has been a provider of diverse audit services for various financial, operational, products, services, and functions within an organization.

Examples would include audits of:

The eDelta Difference

All aspects of each engagement are executed within our applied Quality Assurance (QA) model, performed by the assigned Quality Assurance Audit Professional (QAAP), ensuring that our assessments are accurate, comprehensive, in conformity to both management and regulator expectations and meet fully the agreed to deliverables between eDelta and the client.


Internet Banking

Funds Transfer

Estate and Legal Processing


Payables & Receievable

Strategic Planning

Mortgage Review

Treasury and Fund Accounting

Branch Banking Audits

Investment Accounting

Payroll and Human Resources


Country Risk

Red Flag Identity Theft

Capital Adequacy

Call Report Processing

Employee Benefits and Savings Plans

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