Remediation Validation

Whether challenged by the scrutiny and orders of regulators, or responding to findings by audit or third parties, remediation by management in response to these issues has become a critical element within a firm’s internal control environment.

The eDelta Difference

All aspects of each engagement are executed within our applied Quality Assurance (QA) model, performed by the assigned Quality Assurance Audit Professional (QAAP), ensuring that our assessments are accurate, comprehensive, in conformity to both management and regulator expectations and meet fully the agreed to deliverables between eDelta and the client.

Equally critical and expected by regulators is the process whereby such remediation is independently validated as to the accuracy, completeness and risk mitigation of management’s corrective action.

eDelta has long lead the industry in providing formal effective remediation validation programs on behalf of firms’ audit and compliance divisions. Our firm has developed user friendly standards to track, execute and report its remediation validation program.

Whether a one time project, or the execution of an ongoing and continual validation program, eDelta has led the way in providing Boards, committees and management members accurate status on the level of open control issues, and the effectiveness of management’s remediation to close these issues under proper systems or reengineered internal control processes.

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