Leading Or Supplementing Compliance

At eDelta Consulting, our team of experienced professionals have defined and outlined the pillars of a successful program to ensure our clients can demonstrate a culture of compliance by embedding compliance into everyday workflow, and setting the expectations for individual behavior across the organization.


These components include:

Active Ownership of the Risk and Control Framework

eDelta will assist and or/lead the institution’s Compliance Department by putting more emphasis on active risk management and monitoring by becoming a co-owner of risks to provide independent oversight of the overall control framework.

Integration of Risk Management Governance

Currently, institutions’ compliance programs are at a higher risk of adverse outcomes due to the heightened regulatory scrutiny. eDelta will support their clients in firmly integrating compliance into the overall risk-management governance process, to ensure the enterprise has a comprehensive view of its risks and systemic issues.

Identification of Residual Risk and Critical Processes

Our team of experienced individuals will advise financial organizations in identifying residual risk exposures and critical process breakpoints to ensure that all material risks have been accounted for in order to provide the basis for risk-based, efficient oversight.

Measuring Progress

Our compliance professionals will assist in measuring overall progress on an ongoing basis with the use of quantitative metrics and specific qualitative risk markers. With eDelta’s assistance, financial institutions will be able to maximize the impact of their Compliance Program by rigorously measuring the progress against desired outcomes.

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