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Professionally Proven & Successful Audit Outsourcing Model

The eDelta Difference

All aspects of each engagement are executed within our applied Quality Assurance (QA) model, performed by the assigned Quality Assurance Audit Professional (QAAP), ensuring that our assessments are accurate, comprehensive, in conformity to both management and regulator expectations and meet fully the agreed to deliverables between eDelta and the client.

1. Define the controls and procedures to ensure confidentiality and safeguarding of all client and customer information accessed by our team, developed by our staff and/or communicated to Bank personnel.

2. Conduct a bank-wide risk assessment, executed by audit, banking and compliance professionals.

3. Based on the completed risk assessment, develop a risk-based the audit plan/schedule, including all components of regulatory compliance.

4. For each audit, and in consultation with the audit committee, develop a risk-based scope, along with an assigned number of projected man-hours.

5. Obtain prior year issues and findings, from both internal audits and regulatory agencies, incorporate validation procedures to test the bank’s remediation efforts within the current years’ audits and establish an audit committee approved process for corrective action follow-up to all reportable issues.

6. Establish clear and effective routines for communication of our results to appropriate management, designated committees and the audit committee.

7. In conformity to generally accepted auditing standards, conduct each audit according to our pre-established plan, applying proven/accepted processes for planning memorandums, risk-based audit procedures, root cause analysis, sampling methodologies, issue level ratings, issue reporting, solicitation/acceptance of management’s corrective action plans, transfer of any control remediation to our parallel follow-up program to ensure control sustainability, comprehensive work-paper development and budget tracking/conformity.

8. Formally develop and issue final audit reports with applied ratings, planning and scope definitions, regulatory applicability and issues, control finding descriptions and management’s corrective action plans.

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